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All Thrive Forever

"All Thrive Forever" is a very different and very ambitious vision for our and our world's future.  It is the future when we fully meet our need to survive and our desire to thrive.  It is a future we can build, achieve and sustain if we all commit to it.

"All" is a future when all of us join together to build and sustain a surviving and thriving future.  It is a future for all of us, no one is left behind.  It is a future for all future generations, not just for the current generation and not just for the next generation.  It is a 50+ generations future.

It is a thriving future for you and your family and friends.  For you and your community.  For you and your country.  For our world.

"Thrive" is a future when we both survive and thrive.  It is a future when we will be:  performing well, well-off (financially), well nourished, well housed, well protected (exposures, crime), well educated, physically and mentally well (people), growing/developing well, living within good habitat, physically well (Earth, plants, animals, environment), not vulnerable, producing personal and public goods, living within a stable climate, and sustained.

"Forever" is a future that does not end, or at least not until our Earth ends.  It is a future that goes beyond the next decade, the next century and the next millennium.  It is a 1000+ year future.

All Thrive Forever Video  All Thrive Forever - video

"All Thrive Forever" is the future we all want and need.  Again, it is the future we can achieve and sustain if all of us commit to it.  The Thrive! Endeavor, all of us together, is the vast, sustained human endeavor to achieve a future when all thrive forever.
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